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C.T.No.               Item                              Packing

C.T.No.              Item                               Packing

A-0775              Aniline Blue                      25gm

                     (Water Soluble)                   100gm

C.I.No.42755                                            500gm

C 32H25 N3Na2O9S3              M.W.737.74

Absorption                           Max.594-619nm

pH                                        9.4-14.0

TLC                                      passes test

H-0990     Hydroxy Naphthol Blue             5gm

(Indicator for calcium determination) 25gm

C20H11N2Na3O11S3                      M.W.620.46

Suitability as     Metal indicator passes test

B-1425    Bromo Thymol Blue  GR           5gm

                    Indicator                                25gm

C27H28Br2O5S                   M.W.624.41     100gm

pH yellow to blue                     6.0-7.5

Melting Point                      204-2080  C

I-0702      Indigo Carmine GR                   25gm

[Reagent for detection of nitrate & chloride]

                                                                                    100gms C.I.No.73015

C16H8N2Na8O8S2                           M.W.466.36

Indicator pH                                      11.6-14.0

Loss on drying                                         5%

C-1374    Carbol Fuschin Powder                25gm

               For Microscopy                                           100gm


L-0285      Leishman’s Stain                         25gm

                    For Microscopy                             100gm

[Eosine methlene blue compound]                500gm

Direction for preparation of reagent

Leishman’s stain powder                         0.15gm

Menthol GR                                                100ml

D-1779    Dimethyl Yellow                        25gm



C14H15N3                               M.W.225.30

pH 2.9-4.0               red to orange yellow

Melting Point                   115-1170 C

Human carcinogen

M-0448    Methyl Blue                                  25gm

             For Microscopy                                     100gm


Absorption                                             607

TLC                                                 passes test

Suitability of microscopy &

Microbiology                                   passes test

E-0894    Eossine (Spirit Soluble)                 25gm

              C.I.NO.45386                                  100gm

C22H11Br4Na5O                    M.W.697.94

For Microscopical staining

Ethyl esosine

Absorption                max. 524-527 mm

N-2073     Neutral Red GR                            10gm

            [Neutral red chloride] Indicator           25gm

                     C.I.No.50040                            100gm

C15H17Cl4N                                        M.W.288.78

Min dye content                               90%

 TLC test                                 passes test

pH (Violet Red-Orange Yellow)      6.8-8.0

E-0900    Eriochrome Cyanine “R”  GR 10gm

                C.I.NO.43820                                          25gm

C23H15Na3O9S                    M.W.536.40   100gm

 (Reagent for Aluminium)

Indicator for comlexometry

O-0453     Orange – G (Indicator)            25gm

                   For Microscopy                               100gm

                       C.I.No.16230                                 500gm

C16H10N2Na2O7S2                           M.W.452.38

Min dye content                           80%

Absorption (in water)            476-481 nm


G-1956    Giemsas Stain Powder              25gm

              For microscopy

(For staining blood smears and protozoa)

Suitable for use in staining leucocytes in

Blood films and for staining material

Parasites in thin & thick films of blood

P-2197      Phenol Red Indicator               25gm

                          (Water Soluble)              100gm

C19H13Na5OS                            M.W.376.37

Melting Point                              2850C


R-3178     Rose Bengal GR                       25gm

              C.I.No.45440                              100gm

C20H2Cl4l4 Na2O5                       M.W.1017.65

Absorption                             544-550 nm



S-2225      Saffranine                                 25gm

             For Microscopy                             100gm


C20H19Cl4N                            M.W.350.85



T-0682        Thymol Blue  GR                      5gm

                  [Indicator]                                         25gm

C27H30O5S                            M.W.466.60   100gm

Acidic range pH 1.2-2.8 (Red to Yellow)

Alkaline range pH 8.0-9.6 (Yellow to Blue)

U-9108   Universal Indicator Solution(pH 4-11)

Use 0.2 ml solution for 10ml of the                125ml

Liquid under examination                               500ml

V-5112       Victoria Blue  B                       25gm

                      For Microscopy                      100gm

                    C.I.No.44045                              1Kg

C30H32Cl3N                          M.W.506.10

W-5162      Wright’s Stain                            25gm

               For microscopy                               100gm

                (Wright Eusine Methylene Blue)

[Certified for use in staining blood and bone marrow films also for staining materials parasites

 in blood films]

X-8115      Xylenol Orange GR                     10gm

[Suitable for use in EDTA Zinc Titration]

C31H28N2O13S4Na                    M.W.760.59

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